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Angels and Demons

Movie Angels and demons
Director Ron Howard

Tom Hanks, Ewan McGregor, Ayelet Zurer

Robert Langdon is back and this time he wants access to a library. Hanks plays Langdon with his usual authority, and Howard gives him the freedom that an actor of his calibre deserves. He is beckoned to the Vatican at the request of the Vatican Police to help in an investigation into the abduction of four cardinals nominated to be the next pope, and an elaborate terrorist attack involving stolen anti-matter. Ewan McGregor plays a priest raised in the Vatican by the recently deceased pope, and langdon at his request starts to put the pieces together using the Vatican archives and clues left by the abductors to find his way around Vatican City towards each victim, as they are being killed on the hour every hour until the bomb explodes. This film has plenty of energy and is very similar to the DaVinci code in how frantic it feels. Howard's attempts to keep you on the edge of your seat and to keep you guessing about who is in on the plot works well, but this added to non stop clue and plot revelations becomes a bit much at times. There is little chemistry in this film between the characters and I can only surmise howard didn't feel this was neccesary to advance the story. There is one scene where Langdon and the enlisted physicist pretend to be a married couple to enter unseen into a church they suspect houses the killer. This in itself is ridiculous as Langdon has already pointed out that the killer knows he is here, which means he is the last person from the entire Vatican unit that chould enter the church in a stealthy fashion. Overall this film seems to mirror my own feeling of the catholic church in the Vatican, and the stereotype that the catholic church stubbornly refuses to move with the times at cost to both clergy and faithful. It is easy to understand why they were not given permission to film in the Vatican. That being said the movie ticks along nicely and relentlessy and you don't feels the hours go by. I enjoyed the ending more than any other part of the film, despite its predictablility. It was brilliantly shot with cleverly integrated special effects and the flashback sequences worked well. The musical score deserves a mention, and is probably the highlight here, it benefits every aspect of the movie. I honestly think they have done as well as possible here with a weak story, I'd like to see Hanks and Howard now team up on a more intelligent project, I believe that would be formidable.

This movie scores 7.3/10