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Movie Bruno
Director Larry Charles

Sacha Baron Cohen, Gustaf Hammarsten

All movies should be judged on their own merits, but I'm just a man and I've never heard anyone talk about Bruno either before it was made or since without mentioning the Borat movie. Unfortunately I'm going to get the harsh truth out of the way, this doesn't compare with Borat. It just doesn't. That being said, Cohen set the bar so high last time that there are very few comedies that can be compared to Borat. OK now that that's out of the way we can discuss this funny and at times clever movie. Bruno is a gay icon in Austria who considers himself the best thing to come from Austria since Hitler who travels to LA to become a Hollywood superstar. His major problem in this endeavour is that he's completely stupid. Of course Bruno is merely a character created to take the piss and expose more prejudices and make people look stupid while playing pranks on them, which the entire world seems too eager to fall for. Cohens wit is sharp and cutting, and yet subtle enough to be taken seriously by the weak minded. He asks clever probing questions to see how far he can push his humour, while remaining in character and not causing anyone to doubt he is who he says he is. Although sometimes he just says to hell with it and dives into situations Kamikaze style hoping he will survive the verbal and physical abuse he brings on himself. /Spoiler start/ My favourite bit of comedy in this flick is his "Focus group" which portrays a new show starring him, convincing an unsuspecting audience that this is real and this will actually air. Its basically just Bruno acting gay, saying that he has an interview with Harrison Ford coming up, and this continues until the end of the show when he says "Now for the Ford interview" and he sees Ford exit a restaurant, gets told to get lost and then its over. But the show isn't. Oh no. He then makes his cock dance left and right, up and down, then it points straight out and shouts at the camera "Bruno!". Genius. /Spoiler end/ I don't want to spoil any more of this film and there are plenty more funny and cringe causing scenes and this is certainly not the only time you will laugh, but it must be acknoledged that a lot of the humour this time around is predictable, especially at the end. Also its just not as funny as his previous outing. One of the reasons for this is a lot of the jokes have been done before. You could almost swap the words Kasak and Gay and you would switch movies. Also some of the physical comedy from Borat, Borat smashes up an antique store, he does the same on a catwalk in Bruno. I did like this film and there are lots of laughs but some are empty, predictable and tired. I think in hindsight Cohen will be disappointed with this outing and I hope he will be back to rectify with another character, although he is now out of characters from the original Ali G show. This film was just lacking those magical gypsy tears...

This movie scores 7.8/10