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Welcome to the movie and film review website, where your views on films are as important and as published as our own. To get yourself published simply click on the submission tab above and decide what you wish to submit. Anything from a review on the last movie you've seen or your favourite films, to a movie story, piece of trivia about a film or just a comment on what makes the movies mean something to you, or a gripe that you just can't let go of without sharing. We will over time become a community and a good source of reference if any person is considering watching a movie from cinemas around the world to the most used armchairs and DVD players. It is my wish that this website be user friendly for all, and while I encourage everyone to submit anything at all they feel about the movies, please remember, its a family show folks!

How do you review your movies?

Here at the film review site we have a system based on reviewing all the films attributes equally. We take all elements relevant to the movie and rate them based on our experience. Again all reviews are valid and we have to remember that all views are subjective. Something that moves you profoundly might seem to be a poor film to someone else, whats important here is that you write cleverly enough to get your points across, and even if people don't agree with you, your views will be respected as they should be. Have fun using the site I'm sure submissions received will come from all corners from budding media journalists to the most dedicated of movie goers. Share your experiences and make them all the richer! - The movie and film review site.