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I love you man

Movie I love you man
Director John Hamburg

Paul Rudd, Jason Segel

A man whos never had any friends decides to get married but he overhears his fiance's worries, because he has and has never had any male friends of his own, and his fiance's friends are all telling her that he will be too clingy and she'll never see the back of him, so he decides to try to make man friends. However he doesn't have any buddy guy skills so seeks the aid of his family, and goes on a succession of "man dates" with humerous results. His social skills or attempt at same are so cringeworthy they are horribly laughable, and the style of humour would put you in mind of the office or perhaps Borat to a lesser extent. Paul Rudd carries off this element playing doormat Peter Klaven as a man whos never excercised his testosterone out in his male dominated world. He meets Sydney Fife at a work function played by Jason Segel, and they become friends, embarassingly at first as Peters attempts to be cool become more and more embarassing.

The cast all have chemistry and Hamburgs direction is fine and keeps everything meshing and fitting together nicely. The script is very generic, and ticks all the romantic comedy boxes, but is funny along the way which is the only thing that matters. Performance wise Rudds akward development and Segel is great as the loyal and over the top new friend who had over the top wierd habits and place to live, that only a guy who has been single for a long time would have. I really enjoyed this film and when I wasn't laughing out loud I was cringing. Go see this for a lighthearted night out.

This movie scores 7.9/10