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Movie Knowing
Director Alex Proyas

Nicholas Cage, Chandler Canterbury, Rose Byrne, D.G. Maloney

A school teacher digs up a time capsule, buried 50 years previously, which reveals unimaginable horrors and an elusive truth. Nicholas Cage has definitely been attracted to scripts like this over the last few years. Next was undoubtedly the best of these with its clever physical ideas, and its fantastic direction from Lee Tamahori. I felt Knowing sucked you in from the get-go. A father who loves his son , but has lost his faith in everything else since the death of his wife, and is existing without a purpose for himself, finds purpose in numbers his son brings home on paper from a time-capsule which becomes an obsession, but reasonably, which is unusual and refreshing for a movie of this kind. Reasonably because immediately after finding a recognisable although hard to locate pattern, his theory is immediately ratified by an event that he finds himself in the middle of, which indeed nearly kills him. This is where the film goes from likeable and potentially engrossing to edge of your seat brilliant. A plane crashes and without any further spoilers, this scene is fantastically realised, and really makes you feel powerfully, as much as any drama or horror film, but this could not be classified as either. This is a truly pure and extraordinary Science Fiction. Canterbury plays a son who is quiet but youthfully exhuberant well, mixing a somber attitude with hopefull innocence and other emotions I can't comment on without giving too much away. Rose Byrne is simply fantastic as a frightened and desperate mother, whos early flirtatious behaviour is soon pushed aside to reveal a hurt left by her ex, but again a youthful hopefullness which permeates this entire movie, which is a perfect yet beautifully subtle metaphor for the ending.

Clearly Alex Proyas directed this well and I hope given the genre he isn't passed by for recognition. The special effects are obviously crucial in an epic such as this, I honestly believe that although they are probably not the best special effects that I've ever seen they are right up there and definitely take us to places we have never been such as - Look away now if you don't want to be exposed to spoilers - the end sequence with the earth roasting, was incredible. The plane explosions engulfing people was horrible and brutal but so realistic, and fit in with the people on fire running around which don't rely on CGI. And the very end sequence with the children on the alien planet, it all could have been real! - Spoiler end. Go see this now, on the big screen, don't wait for DVD or your movie channell. This is a big screen adventure and deserves to be treated as such.

This movie scores 8.8/10