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Movie Milk
Director Gus Van Sant

Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, James Franco

Milk is based on the true story of Harvey Milk the gay rights activist come politican and his rise to fame and noteriety. This is a very likable movie with tremendous performances from the cast, especially Penn who easily deserves his oscar nomination, there is also not a single weak performance from any in the large ensemble of talented actors. The music and cinematography all suit the pace of the film adequately and its easy to get swept along in the direction Van Sant tries to drag you. The film portrays the time beautifully, and although I wasn't alive back then it really feels like the 70's or at least like a different time and what I'd imagine the 70's to have felt like in San Francisco.

This biopic doesn't revert back to Milks early years at anytime and offers nothing of his childhood or any of his history or what might have made him who he was during his first forty years of life, instead prefering to focus in the early part in displaying his gay sex with his partner played by James Franco which establishes nothing other than Harvey Milk was gay, which I would have thought was fairly obvious. This is one of the main reasons for the lack of depth that is present throughout this entire movie. The other major cause of this huge flaw is that every scene in the movie was shown through the eyes of the oppressed gay people in their San Franciscan suburb, there were no scenes without gay people to add any depth to the film, or to show what was happening in the world to show perspective to the drama, so it mostly feels like a propoganda piece, purposely setting out to enlist cheap sentimentality from anyone gullible enough to be sucked in. It's possible I expected too much from this project but to say I was disappointed by this movie would be accurate.

This movie scores 7.5/10