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Monsters V Aliens

Movie Monsters Versus Aliens 3-D
Director Rob Letterman, Conrad Vernon

Reese Witherspoon, Seth Rogan, Hugh Laurie, Will Arnett, Keifer Sutherland, Paul Rudd

From the moment you sit down in the cinema you are completely blown away by how well the beautiful animation was rendered into 3-D and you can tell that this was animated with 3-D in mind. I know a movie shouldn't be judged by its animation or special effects but these are mind blowing and great fun. This is the story of a girl who on her wedding day is hit by a meteorite and grows to 50 times her size and gains superstrength from the quantonium contained within. She's locked up by the government in Area 51 with other "monsters" who have been imprisoned for 50 years. An alien learns that theres quantonium on earth and invades in an attempt to retrieve, so earth unleashes its monsters in exchange for their freedom. Stephen Colberts President Hathaway is hilariously written and animated as is Keifer Sutherlands General W.R. Monger. All the charachters are funny and fantastically animated, written well and great for adults aswell as kids.

The set pieces are fantastic. The golden gate bridge gets minced in a large scale battle, while full of rush hour traffic. The scale of the movie is clever also and works fantastically with the 3-D, some examples include the size of Ginormica to those smaller and the giant bug, and the rings around the planets. The direction is perfection from both directors, and the script is wonderful, my personal favourite is the president, specifically the keyboard communication scene. Go see this now, its by far my favourite animated movie and right up there with my favourite films.

This movie scores 9.6/10