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Oranges & Sunshine

Movie Oranges & Sunshine
Director Jim Loach

Hugo Weaving, Emily Watson, David Wenham

Guest Reviewer

Toni Kiwi

This film portray's the setting up of the Child migration Trust after its founder came into contact with a lady trying to search for her lost family roots due to being a former British child migrant sent to Australiain the fifties. This is a very difficult story to portray as it covers the shocking conditions that so many former child migrants suffered at the hands of their host commonwealth country. I am a former child migrant sent to New Zealand. I have also researched our emmingrational social historic plight. Therefore I understand the issues implicated in the film. This film is very worth while to be viewed by the public as it gives an understanding of what so many endured, I was a very lucky one and adopted by kind folk in NZ. I have my own 20 minute film documentary on Online to offer for viewing and research. I too searched for my lost old English family as I was like all of us victims of being shattered from our country of birth who should have cared for us in our rightful home grounds & country. Please contact me if you wish to promote my film made by an independent budding film Producer Oranges & Sunshine as above is a must see film... I am pleased for its long time awaited publicity. Thanking you Anthony. UK,NZ,Australia... retired in my birth town England these future days. Pen name; "tonykiwi" for my full multi migrational life story on offer for publication.

This movie scores 10/10