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A perfect getaway

Movie A perfect getaway
Director David Twohy

Steve Zahn, Milla Jovovich, Kiele Sanchez, Marley Shelton, Chris Hemsworth

Where would you like to go for your honeymoon if you got married tomorrow and you were young? How about trailing across Hawaii? Sounds perfect right? Indeed the opening moments of this film show a nice young couple travelling towards a beach looking like they are very much in love and loving every moment in paradise. They are stopped by a sinister looking couple at the side of the road and the driver mistakenly decides to pick them up, and their situation starts to deteriorate by the minute, after they evade the advances of the couple they didn't want to be held up by anyway, they meet another couple and start to advance through the jungle with them. One of them is a veteran who calls himself a Jedi and his better half seems to want to be stoned half the time. They seem harmless enough until they find out that another couple were murdered on a neighbouring island and the killers have fled to their island, and the killers are another couple. With suspicions rising between both the couples the ominous looking couple from the side of the road catch up to our new four friends and confusion, fear and paranoia drive this suspenseful film until all is revealed and the action starts to unfold. This plot is as interesting as it sounds, and yes there is a twist, nothing mind boggling but you are confused enough by everyone's actions through the film to doubt yourself and doubt yourself you should. David Twohy as both writer and director has achieved something rarely achieved in modern cinema, in so far as enjoyable suspense and surprise. The location is Hawaii, and director did a great job of piecing this all together. The cast are perfectly suited to their complex and stressfully emotional roles, and this should be considered, I finally enjoyed a Milla Jovovich performance, not the greatest actress but excellent casting and direction helped her here. Timothy Olyphant definitely couldn't have been cast better. Without wanting to reveal any more go see this for suspense action and adventure of a strong pedigree.

This movie scores 8.6/10