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Breakfast at tiffanys

Hepburns most famous film see's her as a flaky unhappy aimless young woman running from a past she tries not to think about pretending to be anyone but herself. Her love interest George Peppard, tries to help her realise that like all good women she needs a good man to settle her down. This melancholy tale is a classic but dated. The familiar music adds depth to a flick well worth seeing.

Total Score 7.7/10



Zach Snyder needs to have a good look in the mirror if he wishes to be considered a serious movie director as opposed to a comic obsessed fanboy, or even a teller of stories because this story was lost amid a sea of dull repetitive sequences that leaves a dark taste in the mouth. I did like this stylish to a fault movie but this is style without substance, and when you see it you'll realise it really didn't need to be.

Total Score 8/10



Milk is based on the true story of Harvey Milk the gay rights activist come politican and his rise to fame and noteriety. This is a very likable movie with tremendous performances from the cast, especially Penn who easily deserves his oscar nomination, there is also not a single weak performance from any in the large ensemble of talented actors. These fine performances do not save this movie from being weak and without depth, and ultimately very disappointing.

Total Score 7.5/10


The Curious case of Benjamin Button

A fantastic performance from Pitt with a strong supporting cast and a fabulous director this movie comes to life and Button takes you with him on his fantastic journey. Weighing in at a hefty almost 3 hours, you could be skeptical, but this is the opposite to dragged out or boring. I was shocked at how involved in this film I became.

Total Score 9.33/10



Vicky Christina Barcelona

Two New York Girls go on holiday, and it all goes a little bit mad, as only a Woody Allen film can. This fantastic non comedy is as interesting as it is suprising. Nobody writes relationships like Woody Allen and this could very well be his best, Annie Hall included. Superb performances from the entire cast practically demand your attendance. Highly recommended.

Total Score 8.5/10


Slumdog Millionaire

Danny Boyle has come a long way from Shallow grave. Why is it that all of his films seems so low budget but deliver more than most big budget movies could dare to hope to. This is the first of his movies however that left me feeling this elated. I actually feel that in my review I was harsh on certain points, but with reviewing consistantly in mind I think 9.33 is a fair score considering how I've reviewed other films, although this could possibly be the best movie I've ever seen.

Total Score 9.3/10

Daniel Craig heads a cleverly casted crew in this true story with uplifting undertones. Although scripted well this films suffers through very obvious and noticable cronological errors. These suprisingly are quickly forgotten as everything else in the film is fast moving and as interesting as it is likable. The forest is constantly permeated with action and drama and this film is never boring.

Total Score 7.9/10

Catherine Hardwicks adaptation of the first book in the series is nicely put together, and although it still feels like a teenage girls fantasy it is appealing to all older members of the family. This film isn't about the action, and indeed it is more rich in the drama, and anticipation of what might come next. I always felt it cleverly followed the plot of a Harry Potter book, the year of school progresses and nothing is revealed too quickly, just misconceptions and confusion. An enjoyable watch not just for kids.

Total Score 7.8/10


Seven Pounds

Will Smith always suprises me in his serious roles by how good his acting is. This was billed as a sixth sense type of slow supenseful drama, although I figured out the "twist" in less than seven minutes. This didn't take away from the enjoyment of the film, as although you might know whats going to happen, how and why each charachter gets there and the relationships that unfold couldn't be predicted and are definitely worth a look!

Total Score 7.5/10
Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull

I'm one of those in the minority that enjoyed this as much as any of the Indiana Jones films. The big action sequences are fun, suitably over the top and impressive, and all additions to the cast are excellent especially the consistantly splendid Cate Blanchett. Great locations, a fine director and more nostalgia than you can shake a whip at. Oh and I think John Williams might have had a hand in the music too!

Total Score 8.5/10


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