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Star Trek

Movie Star Trek
Director JJ Abrams

Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Leonard Nimoy, Eric Bana, Bruce Greenwood

Where do I start. I have the almost unique disposition in this day and age of having not been a Star Trek fan historically. Blockbuster hype and ques of trekkies did nothing to dissuade my cynicism, and neither did my belief that JJ hadn't yet blown me away on the big screen. Until now. As a science fiction and action film enthusiast I was blown away. JJ took it upon himself to completely rewrite the history and lore giving him complete freedom to create his own storyline and history. This is an absolute stroke of genius. Would the story have been as powerful if we didn't all know how it had all actually played out originally, we'll never know, but as it stands this is a suprising and imaginative take on a franchise which has stagnated in weak hands since the early 80's. This movie wastes no time and starts off with the devasting turn of events that changes history. Kirk senior is first officer on a ship set upon by Romulans who appear through a blackhole, and immediately attack the federation vessel. Kirk manages to save some of the crew including his pregnant wife while going down with the ship so that his crew can escape. We then follow the progress of the youthful James T. Kirk and Spock. Kirk is rebelious and aggressive without a father figure. Spock is rebellious against those Vulcans who tell him to ignore his human and emotional side. Despite their emotional similarities as children they grow up completely different due to Kirks complete lack of purpose. After a bar brawl Kirk is challenged by Captain Pike to fulfill his potential, and Pike strike the right chord in Kirks psyche and so Spock and Kirk go off to Star Fleet academy from their home worlds. Three years later they find themselves aboard the enterprise on her maiden voyage and thrown into a sea of drama, twists and action caused by Nero who killed Kirks father. As this all progresses you are never far from intelligent humour and well thought out dialogue which stitch the scenes together perfectly. I turned to my friend during this movie and stated that the scenes seemed so effortlessly brilliant and I couldn't put my finger on what made this so entertaining. I can only concur that after now seeing this twice that its a combination of fantastic casting, flawless scripting, clever story and performances to match the stunning direction. Each sequence benefits from and compliments the surrounding segments. Its often the case in science fiction or action films that you can poke holes in the story but I defy you to try after one sitting here, if only because this is non stop, and although you often catch your breath, you are never less than consumed with what is currently happening. Pine and Quinto are perfect together but absolutely no cast member lets the franchise down. To see this is to love it.

This movie scores 9.4/10