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State of play

Movie State of play
Director Kevin McDonald

Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, Hellen Mirren, Robin Wright Penn, Jason Bateman

As you read the cast above it would be easy for you to be impressed. Also coming from the director of The last king of Scotland, you'd start to expect something good. Then you hear its based on a successful British mini-series you start to think, yes I'm going to see that. So could it live up to its own hype? State of Play is a clever, witty, understated, well cast bonanza of slow paced drama. Cal (Crowe) is a writer and friend of politican Stephen Collins(Affleck). Collins mistress and subordinate is assasinated, and it is revealed they were having an affair. Political correspondent Della (McAdams) plays a reporter in the paper trying to turn this into a story and pressuring Cal for anything she can squeeze out under pressure from the editor (Mirren). What unfolds is compelling dramatic viewing, in which secrets are revealed and where you will get lost in the twists and turns. Affleck is his usual plastic self but crowe is very believable as the cocky but tired reporter who's been sitting unsatisfied at the same desk for too long, but with plenty of words still to offer his rag. Most performances are good and there is plenty of suprising chemistry between most of the cast, especially McAdams and crowe. For light but engaging entertainment, with a plot that won't disappoint, go see this now.

This movie scores 7.2/10