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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Director Michael Bay

Shia laBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, John Turturo, Ramon Rodriguez.

I don't like to pigeon hole movies, but what genre exactly are the transformers films? Comedies? They are certainly funny enough! Action-Adventure? Check! Love story? Check. Mega blockbuster science fiction? Check! I could go on but one thing I will insist on with regards both movies - They are pure entertainment. This episode carries on the story with the Decepticons planning revenge for not just the destruction of Megatron but for something much older. The primes landed on earth thousands of years ago and prevented the Decepticons using a machine that would destroy our sun, converting it to energy. One of the ancient bad guys is still around, the Fallen, and is using the modern Decepticons to find the key to destroying our world. The only map to the key was stored in the All-Spark, the cube that destroyed Megatron, but a piece of it remains in Sam Witwiki's possession, and the data is transferred into Sam's brain, making him a target once again, for not only revenge but for what is in his possession. The cast are all back with another strong script, clever dialogue, wit, comedy and strong performances. Plus lets give adequate Kudos to Michael Bay who has definitely upped his game for this series, and yes is still very good at blowing things up. The pace of the movie is incredible, but never do you not fully understand what is happening or why. The set pieces are tremendous, and you also have to pay respect to the vision of the man to be able to see in his minds eye how to shoot the actors so that they will seem key to the shots but insignificant to the events around them and fit it all together so perfectly. The animation is second to none also and should win a visual effects award or twenty. Go see this because you probably won't see a better film until the third instalment. Go now.

This movie scores 9.3/10