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Movie Valkyrie
Director Bryan Singer

Tom Cruise, Kennety Brannagh, Bill Nighy, Tom Wilkinson

I found it difficult to get excited about this release, although the premise was good and is based on an exceedingly inviting story I'd almost forgotten from history class. Typical of Tom Cruise movies, the advertisements had started way too early and were as dull unfortunately as the finished project. Our protagonist was the infamous Claus Von Stauffenberg who during the Second World War recognises Hitler’s atrocities and plots to dethrone and kill the tyrant. This epic commences very promisingly with an action scene in the desert which is excitingly realised and fills you with promise, due to Singers undoubted skill with action sequences.

The films strength after that is how it looks, and it could be argued also how it feels. It feels like you are immersed in the world of officers, probably very authentically. Of course this is very dull, couple this with the weak acting of most of those officers, this becomes quickly the thing of farce. There in a scene to break up the dullness in which Von Stauffenberg goes home and his family are waiting for him, but this proves to be a dragged out and cringe worthy awkward scene, at which point I realised I'd want to leave the cinema if I didn't want to see the assignation attempt so badly.

I've always been one of those people who like Tom Cruise in movies, because although never incredibly gifted as an actor, he's always chosen roles that suited him. Stick him in a film where he doesn't have to act too much and he can just run and punch his way through a good script with a good director and bob's your uncle: Blockbuster. Unfortunately for him this isn't such a movie, his talent is exposed and he is left completely naked and available for all to view. He is not alone in his shame with this project. Brannagh and the always disappointing Wilkinson don't help to sell this with unacceptably bad performances, along with a director who dragged out pointless and irrelevant scenes for some unknown purpose leave this project as one I wish I could have avoided. Bill Nighy is the only actor associated who leaves with his dignity intact, indeed he shone as the militant whose fear of loss outweighs his sense of right and duty. If you want a historical documentary and don't mind awful awful acting, go see this, if you want to be entertained, go see something else.

This movie scores 6.6/10