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Vicky Christina Barcelona

Movie Vicky Christina Barcelona
Director Woody Allen

Rebecca Hall, Scarlett Johansson, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz

Two New York Girls go on holiday, and it all goes a little bit mad, as only a Woody Allen film can. Billing this as a comedy is more than a stretch, although I did have a smile on my face throughout, and this wasn't only caused by the constant titillation. I have just drove back from seeing this movie and all the energy of this film is still clearly all over me and I feel different to how I'd normally feel having seen a film about relationships. There is certainly something special that sets this wonderfully charming film apart. As a very understated example, I normally find cliches like a girl being overly enamoured with something so simple as a guitarists solo pretentious and hard to swallow, but this simple emotion, written into Halls face and carried though a fire lit camera was beautifully realised and like everything else in this film, both believable and compelling.

As for the basics, all the acting is stupendous, the characters are all interesting, but in the absence of an over abundance of drama, the cast and their craft are left exposed, and no one falls short of absolute excellence. I can't discuss the characters in as much detail without revealing plot but take my word for it. As for direction, I can honestly say that the film was always interesting, and our diminutive director arrested some of these talented actors greatest performances. The locations are all beautiful and filmed accordingly. There are also genuine suprises permeating the general pace. This is certainly the movie that match point could have been. Go see this at your earliest convenience.

This movie scores 8.5/10