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Movie Xmen origins: Wolverine
Director Gavin Hood

Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, Danny Heuston, Taylor Kitsch, Ryan Reynolds

Growing up as a small boy to my teens I read X-men comics. Before there was wolverine, and before my time, there was the xmen of the 70s. Five xmen - Angel, Cyclops, Marvel girl, Iceman and the Beast. Then in the late 70's early 80's came the new xmen, brilliant characters well written and portrayed. Colossus, Storm, Rogue, Kitty Pryde and others. Including wolverine. Too angry to be an X-man for everyone but Charly Xavier, who saw his potential for good and selfless heroism beyond all limits driven by his past and sense of guilt. I loved most of their adventures through their encounters with the sentinels, Dark Phoenix saga and the beautiful x-men 160, the heartbreaking story of Ilyanna. My point is this. I was a comic-book geek on the quiet in my youth, which is why I was broken-hearted by the awful and mostly boring X-men trilogy. They made very little of characters with incredible depth and capacity for both the good and the bad, and so many of the fantastic heroes were cast so badly. The casting director didn't cast based on the substance of the characters I'm sure of it, not by someone who understood the characters anyway. X-men origins: Wolverine is the complete opposite. Gavin Hood should be proud of his mesh of action, drama and sheer style. This is what the X-men movies should have been. The contrast between Wolverine before and after the adamantium, his relationship after he breaks with Striker and how that turns out, how he looses his memory. How fantastic the Gambit character is done, far superior to the comic book version. The young Scott Summers, and how he was reminiscent to the Scott Summers of the Mr. Sinister stories. The casting is immeasurably better, casting not people who looked right for the part or who looked right for hollywood, but people who suited the parts. Liev Schreiber catches the greed of a human augmented by the beast inside, sabretooth is the one who gives into the animal willingly, the yang to Wolverines Ying. Jackman is at his best in this latest of the X-men movies, its as if he was held back in the previous installments and freed to pursue Wolverines nature and charachter in this installment. The action is permeated regularly, but only by drama and charachter acting. Perfect examples of the mix of pace are the introduction of the old couple at the farm, or when Wolvie retires to be a logger in a cabin with the woman he loves. These glimpses of what Logan would be like in a utopia where he and his fellow mutants weren't hunted and he was accepted for the man he is, are short but provide great perspective and understanding of what drives him on. This is the best super hero movie I've seen, sorry Heath, but Hugh is the new bad boy in comic town.

This movie scores 9/10